Horst M. Rechelbacher

A pioneer in plant-based personal care and aromatherapy, Horst M. Rechelbacher is an active environmentalist who changed the world of beauty. He’s excelled in several lifetimes of pursuits and passions: innovative businessman, artist, provocateur, organic farmer, artist, author and speaker.

At the age of 14, Horst began a three-year apprenticeship in the beauty and salon industry. His intuitive talent, creativity and dangerous charisma catapulted him to the top of the swinging sixties hair competition circuit. A rock star life followed, leading him to the U.S. where fate landed him in the Midwest. By 1965, he started his own salons and a product line called Horst.

In 1978, Horst founded Aveda Corporation, a global plant-based cosmetic company, and ushered a new consciousness into the world of beauty. Nearly two decades later, he sold Aveda to Estee Lauder. He shifted focus to Intelligent Nutrients, a health and beauty company that lives to the highest standards of 100% food-based, safe, non-toxic and organic ingredients.

Nature is our greatest teacher

 A man of his time and ahead of it, he began his search into the world of greater wisdom and plant study in the mid-60s, adding aromatherapist, perfumer and Ayurvedic practitioner as the recipient of a honoris causa doctorate in Ayurveda from Gurukul Mahavidyalaya Twalapur, Haridwar University, India. In his continuing study of plant-based medicine, he collaborates with noted physicians, chemists and pharmacologists, as well as with experts and traditional healers throughout the world. Horst is on the Board of Directors at the Henry Ford West Bloomfield Hospital in Detroit, Michigan, and supports the Mayo Clinic’s Complementary and Integrative Medicine Program in Rochester, Minnesota.

Horst has authored four books, Minding Your Business, Rejuvenation, Aveda Rituals andAlivelihood. He was an executive producer on Hidden Medicine, an independent film that premiered at the 1999 Sundance Film Festival. A sought-after speaker and collaborator, he counts TEDIndia among his innumerable speaking engagements. He currently resides in Wisconsin and New York City. His organic farm in Wisconsin is solar, wind and geothermal powered, and he grows plant ingredients for Intelligent Nutrients products. His latest interest is in plant and human stem cell for anti-aging technology.

Intelligent Nutrients is...

Food grade ingredients

Much of what goes on your skin can be absorbed into it. If it’s good enough to go on your body, it should be good enough to go into your mouth. And conversely, if you wouldn’t put it in your mouth, don’t put it on your skin.


Insecticide. Herbicide. Pesticide. Suicide.

The conventional way of growing food today is totally incorrect, producing an enormous amount of toxins on this planet that ultimately end up in foods we eat and the water we drink. Organic agriculture improves living matter in the soil, supports the air quality, and builds up nutrition.

USDA Certified Organic is the only seal and certification that ensures an ingredient or product is truly organic, up to the standard of food rulings. Anything else or less is marketing.

The United States Department of Agriculture awards its seal to products whose total contents are 100% certified organic, or 95% certified organic where the remaining 5% of contents are drawn from a small, select number of ingredients that are not organically grown but pose no known risk to health or environment.

Challenging the Cosmetics industry

If a product contains but a drop of organically grown material, it can put “organic” in its name or on its label.

How is this possible? The FDA allows cosmetics and personal care to self-regulate itself on an honor system.

We believe it’s time to put health back into the health and beauty business. We want to wake up and shake up Big Beauty while we provide safe, sumptuous beauty products that actually work.

What can you do? Demand healthy products. Vote with your dollars. Check your products for toxicity. And tell your friends.

Pioneering plan stem cells

Cleanest. Greenest. Highest quality.

What’s beyond organic: Plant Stem Cells. Cultivated in the purest lab conditions without soil, they are toxin-free and incubated in complete nutrition from the mother host: the plant.

This totally new evolutionary-revolutionary process brings a new level of nutrition to foods, cosmetics and health care. At last we can release the life force of the plant in its most pure, unadulterated form.

This is a new path in consumer product manufacturing and high-tech engineering that can replace conventional, polluting agriculture. We believe our petrochemical culture and agriculture may soon be replaced by this nutrition-culture.

Intelligent Nutrients is leading this process of nutritional chemistry.

Multi-functional aromas

Aromas that do good, feel good and smell better.

Until the petrochemical industry took over, plant aromas were human handmaidens and medicines for centuries, doing everything from smelling good to cleansing to healing to acting as early-stage antidepressants. Have you heard that smelling true Jasmine has similar effects to Valium?

IN restores the rightful therapeutic power of these aromas and flavors, using only certified organic oils to create scents that purify, enhance and preserve while they do what we really want them to—make us attractive.